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HOW TO: Reverse Direction in Blackwell Axles

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  • HOW TO: Reverse Direction in Blackwell Axles

    So you received your axles, installed them and turned on the radio.

    You are ready for it's maiden voyage. You crack the throttle. The tires are spinning but the truck is in one place...

    What could be the problem???

    It's simple, one of the axles is reversed. Now, before you start to panic. It's an easy fix that takes less than 10 mins.

    The most important thing to remember is the orientation of the axle and the parts. You don't want to go through this, reassemble it and find out that you put it back the same way.

    My suggestion is to set up the work area with left and right. That way as you disassemble something, put it where is "Needs to Go", if necessary.

    The first thing you need to do is remove the Brake Disc. This is done by removing the long grub screw. It runs through the shaft so you will back it out all the way. This will stay on that original side.

    Next is to remove the e-clips on both sides of the output shaft. Be careful not to lose them.

    Remove the three small screws around the bearings (triangle orientation). Be careful with these. The are very small.

    Remove that flange and it should expose the main bearings.

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    Now comes the important part...

    Remove the top cap (4 screws), this will expose the pinion orientation.

    Now note where the pinion is located. You will want to flip it to the other side.

    In this picture it is on the top.

    Next, with light tapping, hit the output shaft opposite the pinion side. This should start the pinion side shaft to back out. Once it is loose, just pull it out. Place it on your workbench on the side that it needs to go in. Now pull the other half of the shaft out. You will notice that the shaft inserts in the pinion side to make a solid shaft all the way through. It has flat spots that help it lock in.

    Now the easy part. Put it back together.

    A couple things to remember:
    1. Put the pinion in the opposite side that was removed.
    2. Make sure that the pinion is meshed with the spur.
    3. Seat the bearings flush with the case.
    4. This is a chance, if you didn't already to add Blue Thread Lock to the threads.
    5. Don't over-tighten the screws, You will snap them.
    6. Don't forget the e-clips.
    7. Add the Brake Rotor.
    8. Enjoy your new axles...

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