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Axle Comparison: Yota 1 vs Yota 2

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  • Axle Comparison: Yota 1 vs Yota 2

    Have had several questions on the differences between these two axles.

    Here are some of the differences that I have come up with:

    • Smaller OD tubes
    • Removable diff covers
    • More detailed third member piece

    Front axle:
    • Case is one piece
    • 8* knuckles
    • Knuckles have two sets of arms so BTA steering is possible
    • Larger/stronger XVD with 45* steering (Yota 1 is 35*)

    Rear axle:
    • Two shock mount options

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    I've read that the xvd's have amazing steering and they are beefed up. I just ordered a set for my TF2 last evening through Rpp's salvage yard. Great deal front and rear with 3 and 4 link mount for $110'shipped (New!). Rpp parts out popular rigs and give killer deals on them! Now if the XVD's would come back in stock!


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      I am a very big fan of everything that rc4wd makes, but I would really like to see the yota axles with open diffs. with the ability to lock them.
      The Transfercase would be more fun if you were able to shift them into 2wd or 4wd...
      A D.I.G. would also be awesome to have as well. There are ways to DIY ways, but the realistic look is one of the most important parts of this hobby.


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        Thank you for the feedback and I will share with our development team if this is something that we could come up with.

        Appreciate your support of the RC4WD Brand.