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RC4WD 1/10 V8 Scale Engine/R4 Ultimate Single Speed Transmission Unpacking

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  • RC4WD 1/10 V8 Scale Engine/R4 Ultimate Single Speed Transmission Unpacking

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    Weight with motors installed


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      Here are some pics...

      Installation of 540 motor is as easy as removing 4 block screws

      And 5 screws on the front

      540 sized motor lays right in there...

      wires get threaded out the top...


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        really cool this Stuff i hope to get this Motor and tranny for christmas
        http://<a href="</a></a>Greetings Udo

        Sorry for english it is horrible


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          Install is going to be delayed... It's heading to World's next week for a little show and tell...


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            I have to say that this is the most amazing, thought out scale upgrade to date. I have seen a lot of new products but this is the schiznit.

            And to think that RC4WD had the mounting points already in the TF2 Chassis just blows me away.

            It takes longer to pull the stock tranny out than put this one back it.

            I opted to go with photos this time...figured you are pretty tired of my voice.

            First things first....on the RC4WD Store, there are links to the assembly of the components and installation on the TF2...

            RC4WD R4 Transmission & V8 Engine Assembly Instructions

            TF2 & V8 Engine Fitting Instructions

            Now let's get on with the fun...

            I opted to do a motor swap on my original TF2. I was planning on cutting the hood off, so this will be a good "kick in the pants" to get it done.

            My biggest concern with this beast of a motor combo was the loss of ground clearance so I decided to do a before and here it is with the stock tranny and skid.

            Now is the time to say good-bye to the stock drivetrain...

            Let's get to it...I laid all the hardware and mounts out so I could verify that I had everything. Get your blue thread lock ready.

            Motor mounts are easily attached with 2 supplied screws (M3x8)...note orientation of mount.

            Next was to use the supplied driveshaft pin to mount the outdrive connector

            Mounting the offset skid plate is done with 2 supplied screws (M3x6)

            You will need to remove rear servo crossbrace and the servo(temporarily). I would also suggest that you loosen the front crossbrace so that you can spread the chassis rails apart a little to make installation easier.

            It's time to get Buford to help drop this beast in...

            Motor and Tranny INSTALLED:

            Next was the transfer case:

            So here it is installed

            And what about clearance??

            How about just shy of an extra half inch...


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              Very cool, and added clearance looks good. Extra weight up front should help on climbs as well.

              RC4WD TEAM DRIVER
              SARCCA club president