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  • Axle questions

    I'm interested in putting full metal axles under my Tamiya H/L f-350, and from what I have read, the K-44 is the "drop in" bolt up axle for this truck, but it is a locked axle... I want unlocked with a diff., are any of the metal axles unlocked?? or are diff kits available for them?. Thanks.

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    I'm not aware of any unlocked options from RC4WD. Most want a locked diff so there's not much incentive to make a optional diff locker if I had to guess.


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      I read a few threads on other forums of axial internals in the k44

      Another guy done some grinding to the k44 case and fit a buggy diff.

      Research if the axial scx10 internals fit,if so research a diff for the scx10.
      Might be an option


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        Maybe this thread has useful info.

        Seams the d44 axle uses axial internals.
        Maybe thats why I seen a thread that the k44 case was grinded on to clear a larger ring.


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          Thanks Guys!, I purchased the K-44 ultimate's some time ago..they're still sitting on the shelf.. LOL Haven't had time to play as of late, still curious about strength of the cast to the ultimate axle....