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Hi-Pinion trussed front 'yoda axle...

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  • Hi-Pinion trussed front 'yoda axle...

    I initially had a BRX90 under the front as I think they are a great axle, both design and materials. I had some driveshaft rub on the corner of the tranny at compression of the driver's side and couldn't get past the centered diff being "unscale" on this particular truck. Sooo I did some searchin' and lookin' across the 'net to see what else was out there in terms of a metal, high pinion, helical/ar44 gears, appropriate width, pass side drop, leaf perches and as 'yota-ish as possible (4runner body) front axle. And u know how many I found? That's right, none. R u kidding me?!? Nope. None. Sooo...I got to lookin' and starin' and thinkin'.... and thinkin' some more. Then some measuring and staring and thinking. Then I got online and made a purchase and then waited.

    After a couple of hours w/ the pieces and the Dremel, some files(none were marked classified so allll good there
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