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  • shackle question

    on the web site, it says you need two sets of tbox shackles for a complete truck, and the shooter shackles are for rear setups. can you put shooter shackles on the front? and where do you mount the tbox shackles? i know they mount to the frame, do the shooter shackles mount to the tbox shackles? little lost and could use some help. lol

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    For a rear spring you would mount the shooter shackles at the rear bumber end of the leaf spring and the tbox at the other end. The shooter shackles will help with suspension travel and the tbox will allow the leaf spring to flex sideways.

    Perhaps this thread is of some help for you:


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      thanks for the link and help tomy. wasnt sure. thought id ask before buying.


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        on 1:1's they call the shooters, johnny joints and usually they go in the front on a front leaf and rear on a rear for flexability
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          tbox with shooters installed
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            nice set-up rooster
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              Originally posted by 4LOW View Post
              nice set-up rooster
              Thank you, can't wait to get it running. Electronics are next