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RC4WD Baja Scale Lights Information/Video

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  • RC4WD Baja Scale Lights Information/Video

    RC4WD Baja Scale Lights Information/Video

    Here is some information about RC4WD?s new scale light system.

    This system is perfect for someone that wants the ?scale look? and even if you don?t want the scale look this might be perfect for you. This system comes with 4 light pods, 4 turn signals, 2 brake lights, 2 driving lights (white), and 2 driving lights (blue). The best thing about this system is that if you don?t want turn signal/brake/driving lights you can simply unplug them.

    Picture of the BSL

    Hooking up this is very easy and straight forward, it?s basically plug and play. You plug your servos threw the BLS and that?s how it gets power and the signal to turn on and off the lights. You mount the lights where you want them (the wires are long)

    I mounted them on my 5T (4 light pods, 4 turn signals, 2 Brake lights, and 2 white driving lights.

    Here is the video of them in action, all done automatically from the remote

    Video 1

    Video 2

    As you can see these lights are bright, I didn?t get a chance to run them outside (rainning) But I will wrap the controller box in a balloon for water proofing

    Available at TGN or DDM

    Here are the links


    RC4WD Team Driver