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  • Overdrive 2.2

    Well I received a set of the 2.2 Overdrive beadlocks from RC4WD a few days ago. First impression of these wheels, is very good. You can tell these wheels have definitely had some thought put into them.

    They wheels come with 3 different offsets. 14mm, 19mm and 24mm. So there is a combination for any rig and/or width preference.

    The weighted rings are very easily removed by taking out 4 bolts. There is talk of making different size weights so that they can be customized to fit each drivers setup.

    Another thing I like about the Overdrive wheels is the way the rings are setup. Unlike most BL's out there, the outer ring, the "spokes", and the hub are all one piece. I really like this setup, even if it is just because it is different.

    The different size offsets are held in place by 5 bolts, which have plenty of threads on them to make sure they are holding securely.

    These wheels where by far the easiest to beadup I have ever owned.

    In my opinion these are the best looking 2.2's on the market right now.

    With the 3 different offsets and the removable weights, the Overdrives are definitely going to be the "go to" wheel for all of my comp rigs.

    Great job RC4WD

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    Looking good Josh.

    Can't wait to see them mounted on your truck.


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      Where are mine???

      Seriously, they look awesome.

      Nice write-up Josh.