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HOW TO: Mount Steelie OEM Beadlocks to Tires

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  • HOW TO: Mount Steelie OEM Beadlocks to Tires

    there is easier way to do this, and it will put less stress on the small hardware and make sure your bead seeds straight. I will show you using a 1.9 creeper which has the same issue as the slingers on these rims.

    you will need a 3mm bolt, 30mm to 50mm's long and a 3mm nut and washer, the next piece is up to you.. I used a small round servo horn that I cut and drilled out center hole.

    with these parts you will make something that looks like this.

    now place the silver ring inside the tire, you will find the bead of the tire hard get just right, massage it a bit and get it to set even all the way around the ring. Now place the front half of your rim onto the tire don't force it in just set it there evenly. now while holding front in place, flip your tire over and place on the back half of rim, make sure you look through bolt holes so they line up, same as front just place it on the bead evenly. then put on the last section of the rim that hold the pin on the axle.

    don't try to squeeze the rim together by hand it will just pop a bead just hold the sections in place with you hand. Now slide the 3mm bolt with a washer on it, through the center hole of the rim from back to front. then place cut servo horn(or what ever you make) over the 3mm bolt sticking out the front of rim, then put a nut over that. looks like this

    now tighten up the nut and bolt, this will pull the 3 sections of rim evenly and bring them together.

    now the section will be close enough to put in 2 of the wheel bolts and nuts.

    tighten the wheel nuts to take the pressure off of the 3mm center puller and remove it.

    now you can install the rest of the wheel nuts, and you should have a perfectly seeded bead. just make sure you use a star pattern when you tighten then up.

    sorry for the long explanation, but it works, and it will take you less then 5 min per tire and with perfectly seeded beads