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Installing Soft Compound Tires on wheels (Just Chill)

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  • Installing Soft Compound Tires on wheels (Just Chill)

    With the tires new super soft compounds (RC4WD's X2SS), it makes it harder and harder to wrestle with getting the tires mounted on beadlocks. Then add in that you want to mount a 1.7 tire on a 1.9 wheel and the frustration starts to heat up.

    First thing you need to do is CHILLLLLLL....

    That's right Chill your tires.

    Tools Needed or keep within reach:
    • A freezer
    • two screws the same size as the stock one's only longer (12mm)
    • Spray Can Lid (I use Tamiya Lids, fit good for all tires)
    • Small Flat Head Screwdriver
    • Patience
    • A Duck...well not really for this but why not?

    Mount one side of the tires to the beadlock wheel (I usually do the front to ensure that it is mounted correctly.

    Make sure that the other side of the bead is put over the wide part of the wheel and the bead is flat.

    Next step is to put them in the Freezer...yeap, you heard me right, in the Freezer next to the Duck and Veggies.

    Keep them in there for about 24 hours...

    What this will do is stiffen and slow down the flexibility so that the tires are easier to work with.

    After the 24hours...take one tire out at a time

    Slowly work the bead into the recess from one side to the other...just get it started. Sometimes you need a small flat blade screwdriver if your fingers are too big.

    Once you have it in, go back and push it in as far as it will go. This is important if you are using larger wheels than the tires are...being that the ring will need to stretch the tire at the bead to set in the bead groove.

    It's now time to place the ring. Line up the holes as close as you can. I will use a longer screw in one or two holes to keep it aligned. Then slowly add the screws. Don't tighten...just until it holds the ring where it is sitting.

    Next step is to tighten each screw diagonal from the last. Only tighten a turn or two. If you tighten one screw too much, you could pinch the bead and pop it out. Remove the guide screw and replace with the stock one.

    After a couple cycles through tightening, you will be done and have a perfectly mounted soft compound tire.

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